About the company

Since 1993, our company has been dealing in

  • designing
  • supplies
  • service

of technology equipment in buildings (HVAC) on many premises in Prague and other places (Brno, Plzeň , Ostrava, České Budějovice, Olomouc, Bratislava).

In order to ensure operations of the technology equipment in the buildings (HVAC) on the premises entrusted, the SYB Technical Services Department disposes of a necessary number of specialists whose professional qualification is focused particularly on running, handling and servicing:

  • heat technology equipment
  • ventilation, air-condition and cooling equipment
  • measurement and control systems (BMS)
  • electrical equipment – heavy and week current
  • sanitation technology equipment

We ensure handling and permanent control of operational condition of the equipment through a control room with a remote connection (failure reporting) and graphic display of the equipment handled (monitoring).

The emergency service works 24 hours every day, ready to sort out any state of disrepair.

The technical staff of the SYB Service Department are in a close contact with experts of the firm’s other departments (construction design and realization), which ensures high expertise and the possibility of a rapid response to the needs for repairs and possible adjustments to the technological equipment on the premises entrusted.

Integrated Management System Policy

You can find a description of the Integrated Management System of SYB, s.r.o. in the file attached
Integrated Management System Policy